NEW: Electoral Commission says investigation of Brexit Party’s fundraising is ‘ongoing’ & notes crowdfunding creates ‘additional risk’ of ‘significant sums entering UK politics from overseas’

I wish you'd shown this level of outrage when Jo Cox was murdered, rather than when you got milk thrown at you.

I believe this is same Alexandra Philips who worked for Cambridge Analytica in hugely problematic Kenyan election, isn’t it? Shame no-one asked about her role in what NGOs described as ‘dirty data-driven campaign’ marked by anonymous attack ads & viral fake news vids #democracy

This deserves to be spread far and wide. The Brexit Party is not a party, it is a company run by Nigel Farage. A company that only accepts donations via PayPal, and only in blocks of up to £500 - the max allowed with it having to report the donor. This is dodgy shit.

Wake up!!

Mike Galsworthy@mikegalsworthy

The Brexit Party is a company...

With only one person of significant control listed:

Nigel Paul Farage

And 3 of the 6 officers have already resigned.

Here is the Companies House record:

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