So I take the train every day and it’s an attractive ride through the Wiltshire countryside.

Today, in the middle of a green field, was a duvet.

Now this wasn’t part of a fly tip, a depressingly common feature at the moment. Instead it was entirely alone, smack in the middle of the field, in an untidy white pile.

This field is in the outskirts of Swindon, but it is quite isolated. You would have to cross at least one field to reach it and it was a fair way from any road.

How did the duvet get there? Who carried it there? What happened to them?

If you are homeless, a duvet is a precious thing, not something to be discarded easily. So what caused an unfortunate person to discard such a precious item in the middle of a field?

Duvets are bulky, but this was in the middle of a grassy field. The struggle was surely getting into the field in the first place?

So did the duvet cause our hypothetical homeless person some other issue? Did it hamper their walking? Or were they being chased and the duvet was slowing them down?

If it was someone lazy disposing of the duvet, why the struggle into the middle of the field?

Ultimately we’ll never know, and some unlucky farmer will have to clean up a sudden bedcover.

However I love the fact that my bizarre squirrel brain has taken this one quirky observation and developed a number of different scenarios and stories from it.

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